Where to Play Darts in Budapest

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There are many people who actually see darts as a mere game played in the pubs, but the truth is that it requires quite a lot of concentration and stamina. Therefore, if you want to try this fun yet mental game while you are in Budapest, then you can choose one of the many places that offer this type of activity.  Here are the most popular ones.

Noiret Pool and Darts Salon

If you want to do other things than just visiting the city, then we recommend you try some of the most entertaining games that Hungarian people love. Noiret Pool and Darts Salon is the most popular place in Budapest, for pub games including darts. The game can be played on a credit, or on a minute basis. The whole location is very lovely, with a welcoming atmosphere and staff. You can also enjoy a drink while you try to hit the mark.

Smile Darts Club

Are you in Budapest and do you want to learn the basics of this game? If so, then we recommend you go to Smile Darts Club. In January you can attend a 3-month course for total beginners. The club also organizes all types of contests for more advanced players, in case you are one of them. Keep in mind that not all the places of this type offer a course for beginners, and that’s why we really wanted to highlight this detail for you.

Aktiv Studio

One thing that you will absolutely like here is the cozy and friendly environment. Other games are also available so that you can choose to play something else in case you want some diversity. Aktiv Studio can be found at Veres Peter Street and very close to it you have several excellent restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious dinner. Furthermore, the area is full of stores and coffee shops where you can spend a lovely afternoon.

Wallhalla Club

Budapest is a city that has many locations where you can try different games. This club is one of them and it is quite popular in this city. You can enjoy a darts session with your friends while enjoying a Hungarian beer. Soft darts machines are also available for use. Just take your friends and go to the Wallhalla Club for some fun.

Prince of Darts

Prince of Darts is another excellent location for playing darts where people of all ages can go and entertain themselves. If you want, you can stop just for a drink, as the place serves as a bar as well. It is right in the center of this beautiful city, very close to many other lovely bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Therefore, you can easily choose something else to have fun until morning. In comparison with the other darts clubs presented in this article and which are quite small, this place is very large with plenty of choices in terms of games. Another advantage is that it is opened until midnight, whereas other clubs close at 10:00 PM.




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