Places to Try Budapest’s Popular Room Escapes Games

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Room Escape Games are without a doubt extremely fun and people of all ages should go for them. If you are traveling to the beautiful city of Budapest then the good news is that there are many locations where you can try these games. Have a look at our recommendations and see if there is anything you fancy.

Escape House

This location doesn’t have just a room but a whole network of spaces in a cold subterranean world filled with gas masks, creepy toys, and more. Escape House is situated on Csengery Street, and it is a bit hidden. Therefore, make sure you pay a good attention so that you do not miss it. However, we are sure that once you arrive there you will have a fantastic time.

Locked Escape Game

If you are looking to do something quite challenging in terms of games then you must go to the Locked Escape Game, a great location in Budapest. Last year this game won ‘’game of the year’’ and it is actually considered the most realistic room escape experience in this city. It is a team game, which means that you need to take your friends with you. As a team, you will be put through a network of tasks and puzzles, and you will also become part of the storyline in the game.

Pirate Cave

In case you are in Budapest and you still have some free time before you go back home, then we recommend you to go to Pirate Cave, a very popular room escape game. This interactive adventure is without a doubt something that you will not forget and that you will probably want to try again. The entire set, game, and experience show an excellent attention to detail. Don’t forget to book your ticket online.


Spend an amazing afternoon in Budapest at this location. We are sure that you will highly enjoy this game, as it is a very challenging one. You can either choose to play it alone or with a friend. No matter what option you choose, keep in mind that the door is always open and you can leave at any time you want.

Mystique Room

We also want to add this location to our list because it is an excellent one in the beautiful Budapest. Mystique Room is opened every day from 9 AM to 10:30 PM. Make this place a centerpiece of your vacation itinerary and you will definitely not regret making this choice.


If you want to test your brain power, then this is the right place for that. In one hour you will have to solve the provided clues alone or with your friends or family. The trap rooms from here are quite friendly and the more people you work with the faster you will actually finish the game. Because this place is very popular you will have to book your appointment in advance through the official website. Children also are most welcome to participate and try to solve the case.


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