Fun Activities and Games in Budapest

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If you are visiting Budapest and you don’t only want to see the main attractions, then we suggest you to go for some fun activities and games that Hungarian people love. We will recommend some of them and you can try the ones that suit you best.

Go to the Thermal Pools

The Thermal Pools are a fantastic way to have fun and relax at the same time. Furthermore, these waters have many healing properties for those who suffer from muscle pains, rheumatism, and stress. Therefore, you have another strong reason to spend an entire day here. Besides this location, the city has many other lovely bathhouses.

Try a Sightseeing Cruise

You can either choose a day/night Danube River cruise or a night one. We would choose the night one because you will have the chance to see the city in its splendor, as the lights are absolutely amazing. The cruise lasts around 45 minutes and it is an activity that most tourists go for.

Room Escape Games are Extremely Fun

Room Escape Games are very popular in Hungary and locals are absolutely in love with them. You should try them as well in case you want something different and entertaining. We suggest going for Exit Point, Kirobban, Pirate Cave, or Escape House. No matter the age you are most welcome to try any of these games. We guarantee that adults and children alike will have a fantastic time.

Play Billiard

If you are a billiard lover then you should play it in Budapest as well. There are many places where you can do this. Most of these locations do not only have billiard tables abut also darts and other games. All in all, this activity will certainly help you relax, enjoy a beer, and chat with your friends.

Take your Kids to Tarzan Park

If you are visiting Budapest with your children then you must take them to Tarzan Park. This outdoor play park is extremely fun and safe at the same time. Even if the entry prices are quite high, the little ones will certainly have a fantastic time. You will also relax and enjoy the day spent here because there are terraces that offer delicious food and drinks.

Enjoy an Organ Concert

If you want to try something more relaxing and revigorating at the same time, then you must go to St. Stephen’s Basilica for an organ concert. Besides the fact that this is actually one of the most amazing neoclassical buildings in the city, it is the most important church in the entire country. The concert lasts around 2 hours and the areas are performed by a famous concert & oratorio singers in Hungary, Kolos Kovats. If you find this very interesting then have a look at the official website to see the performing schedule and also to book in advance your tickets. This activity is perfect for couples as the atmosphere at the concert is quite romantic. Therefore, if you want to surprise your partner, then go to this show.



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